[Comic] Book Of the Month Club

I’ve never been to a book of the month club before. Although I love the idea of such a get together, my dyslexia has made most books to tedious to read through. For some reason though, I’ve never had too big of an “issue” working my way through a huge pile of comic books. In fact, I’ve read 6 graphic novels in the past week (most of them were “Powers”).

That’s why I’m excited about the first meeting of the Book Of The Month Club at Mission Comics and Art tomorrow night. Although I’ve never heard of a reading club dedicated to comics, it totally makes sense. There is so much to talk about too.. I mean beyond the story itself, you have the pencilling, the inking, the coloring (or lack thereof), even the lettering and layout to talk about. I’m drooling just thinking about it all!

For the first meeting, Leef from Mission Comics has chosen “Walking Dead” book one. An innovative book series about surviving the zombie apocalypse. Anyone is welcome to participate, just read (or re-read) the book. I’ll even lend you my copy if you live nearby. Here are the details:

1st meeting of the Mission Comics Book of the Month Club
January 26th 7pm
3520 20th St. Suite B
San Francisco, CA, 94110

I think Leef also mentioned something about steak and cognac being provided, but don’t quote me on that.





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