Science Fiction Themed Comic Jam

SF Cartoonist Conspiracy
Last night was the 1st SF Cartoonist Conspiracy meeting at the new Borderlands Cafe. I don’t know if the SFCC has decided to move all their future meetings to this new location, but I think most of the cartoonists had a good time.

Inspired by the location, which is part coffee shop & part pulp science fiction bookstore, we had a special sci-fi jam theme for our nightly comic. Our usual jam comics involve having each artist drawing whatever they want to in the first panel, then passing the page to someone else to do the next consecutive panel. For this jam though, the first panel on each page had to be fashioned after one of the old pulp novels in the back of the store. Here is mine:
My first panel from tonight's comic jam.

Update: Thanks to Brian Kolm, the entire jam comic is online now:

We came close to finishing 12 pages that night and MikeMike made a really awesome cover based on the cover to a novel called “Time Cop”. Considering the number of dinosaurs and robots, I can’t imagine a better cover for the jam. Huge thanks to the folks at Borderlands for being such awesome hosts.

If you live in the Mission and wanna come draw, I’ll be in the back of Borderlands drawing with friends and nomming cheese and meat plates this Sunday morning from 10am till noon. Afterwards, we’ll head over to Mission Comics for mimosas with Jamie Dyer.






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