8bitSF presents: The A_Rival CD Release Party

8bitSF have announced the details for their next chiptune showcase at the DNA Lounge. You can see the line up and ticket details here. Crashfaster, the show’s promoter, scheduled on March 11th to tie in with the Game Developers Conference and if you bring your GDC badge, you can get in for just $5.

The flier (above) was designed by Mike Hales and myself. It’s the result of a cool back and forth collaboration wherein Mike penciled the left side while I penciled the right. Then we traded halves and I watercolored Mike’s piece and he pixelized mine. This is actually our second 8bitSF flier.

I offer the following set of photos for those folks interested in the process of creation:

Working on a monster painting with @ekimtiki. Monster love!Monsters Ink
coming alongalmost doneMonster painted8bitSF presents: The A_Rival CD Release Party







3 responses to “8bitSF presents: The A_Rival CD Release Party

  1. NoCashComics Avatar

    Looks good guys, fun monsters and colors

  2. A_Rival Avatar

    You're a rapper?

  3. DocPop Avatar

    Yeah. Rapper and beatmaker. I keep my music related stuff on http://www.DrownRadio.com with some samples on http://www.thesixtyone.com/DocPop/#/artist/DocP

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