Unboxing Jeffrey Brown’s “Process”

Jeffrey Brown's "Process"

Jeffrey Brown recently made a small batch of comics for the Indy Euphoria show in Sacramento. I wasn’t able to make it out there, but my friend Josh Ellingson picked up a copy for me. The book, titled “Process, How I Make My Comics“, is the 1st mini that Jeffrey has made in 4 years and documents his artistic process.

Aside from the beautiful 24 page comic, each copy of Process includes a random batch of Jeffrey’s drafts, notes, sketches, and scripts from various works. My particular copy included: Panel grid, sketches from Strange Tales story “Cats Are Weird”, notes for sizing “Treehouse of Horror” story, thumbnails for “Cats are Weird”, scrip for Incredible Change Bots Two, unused pencils for “Cats are Weird” cover, and sketches for “Paul is Undead” book illustrations. I’ve posted all my “Process” unboxing pictures below.





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  1. Brian Avatar

    Going to bring it to the jam on Thursday? I would love to check it out.

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