Anna Anthropy’s Redder

Anna Anthropy‘s new game, Redder, is a clever puzzler/platformer. I’ve enjoyed watching Anna’s progress on Redder, especially things like this walk cycle. In fact, I was so inspired after playing through Redder, that I decided to try downloading Game Maker (for Mac) today. That was about 4 hours ago. After combing through GM4M’s downloads section and eventually through their bug reports I’ve figured out that their release hasn’t been working since November. It was a beta release set to expire then, but nothing has yet come up in its place, despite many posts about a “coming soon” full release, the current bug solution seems to be to “set your clock back”. This is about to turn in to a rant… I’ll just stfu, but you should try Redder.






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  1. JohnBot Avatar

    That game is pretty awesome. I don't play to many flash games, but they got that 8bit look and feel down quite nicely.

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