B. Dolan’s Fallen House, Sunken City is fantastic.

Strange Famous rapper B. Dolan has teamed up with Anticon’s Alias to produce his newest album. Fallen House, Sunken City is perhaps B. Dolan’s best album yet, if not the best hip hop album of the year. With songs about Marvin Gaye, our addiction to constructing obelisks, and Dolan’s personal reflections of leaving NYC post 9/11, the album is lyrically and musically dense.

To be honest, I first checked out FH,SC to just hear Alias’s work. I had heard that Alias was producing one of the tracks, Border Crossing, with the help of a live marching band. Sold! After a few consecutive listens, what keeps me coming back is Dolan’s lyrics and delivery. Side note: after sending a bunch of whiny “I don’t buy cd’s anymore” emails to Sage Francis, owner of Strange Famous Records, Alias’s Fallen House Instrumentals album is now available for digital download too! Thanks Sage.

Check out Border Crossing live (with marching band!) and the official video for Earth Movers below:


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