Beeps and Smudges; an iPhone album

A few weeks ago, I announced that I was starting a new album built almost entirely with iPhone apps. The album, tentatively titled “Beeps & Smudges”, is halfway finished. 6 songs ready for vocals, and a few more on the way. Some tracks will be instrumental but most tracks will either have vocals by myself or some friends. My dream list of singers and remixers includes Sean Hayes, Beefy, ytcracker, Bomarr, Bit Shifter, Mark Growden, and Unwoman.

I’m using Nanoloop for iPhone as the album’s backbone, and I highly recommend you check it out if you are looking for a cool music tracker for the iPhone or iPod touchhole.
Here is a preview track to keep you entertained:
<a href="">Groll (demohole) by Drown Radio</a>






2 responses to “Beeps and Smudges; an iPhone album

  1. burninberlin Avatar

    I really like that one! I'm looking forward to the full album!

  2. Ankhst Avatar

    Definitely interested to hear the final product. I believe iApp synths are the main reason that I will eventually succumb to the iPad — need more physical space for key sizes, so that my non-childlike fingers don't hit the wrong keys
    (and other controls).

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