Color Conspiracy

I saw some cool color pieces at last night’s Cartoonist Conspiracy that I wanted to share on this bloghole:

Jeff Plotkin's homage to Foxtrot

The first piece is a page from a FoxTrot homage that Jeff Plotkin is doing for one of his fans on Deviant Art. What I really dig about Jeff’s style is that he filled the colored areas only using vertical lines… where most of us would probably use what ever zig zag stroke could work best. The end result of his meticulous style is textural and hypnotic.

Watching @nocashcomics make beautiful marker art at tonight's Cartoonist Conspiracy at @borderlandscafe

The next pieces are all part of “female versions of 50’s horror creatures” by No Cash Comics. When I first saw these pieces, I thought they were just high quality trading cards, but these tiny pieces are actually original marker pieces on bristol board. I love his twist on these pop culture icons, but his marker technique is fantastic. Even up close, these beauties look like they were created in illustrator. I’d kill to have coloring skills like George’s.







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  1. gWebber - NoCashComics Avatar

    Hi Doc, thanks for the very kind words about my “Famous Monster Girls” sketch card set.

    PS, now that they are matted and framed it really looks great, theres some photos on of it in the Books & Prints section

  2. […] Plotkin is one of our senior members of the Cartoonist Conspiracy. Jeff’s comics have a style all their own as does Jeff himself. I always enjoy listening to the way the way Jeff talks, so intentional and […]

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