Game Plan

Next Tuesday is the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco. I went last year and had a great time, but I couldn’t talk to anyone about what we were working on. This year I’ll be going with a product under my belt and an official title as “Game Designer”… it even says so on my new business card (see abovehole).

Although we can’t talk about our new project, there will still be plenty of fun stuff to talk about! I’ll be seeing folks I met last year, plus a couple new folks. I’m stoked to finally meet the folks at Limbic Software, makers of Tower Madness, as well as others. I just heard from Baddd Spellah, maker of beats for Frontalot, that he’ll be attending this year too. Spellah did the beat for Twistin’ Cherry Stems, off of my album Me Geek Pretty One Day, but I’ve never actually met him.

If you are coming to GDC this year and want to meet up for coffee or drinks, please contact me and we’ll make it happen! Also, don’t forget about the 8bitSF show, with special GDC pricing!








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