I crush SF

I’ve recently realized that I have an obsession with destroying this city. I have no idea why… I love this city. Really, I do! But over the last 5 years I have constantly drawn it’s demise. Earthquakes don’t scare me, as a matter of fact I like to think that when “the big one comes” everything but San Francisco will fall into the ocean. I tend to be attracted to the “death by giant monsters” scenario.

Monster City

Monster City, my most recent SF cityscape painting, was originally drawn as a quick mock up for 8bitSF’s next flier. I inked the sketch in about 30 minutes, but after talking to Mike about it, we decided that a straight side view would work better for his pixel art. On a whim, I decided to watercolor the sketch. I’m glad I did.

8bitSF presents: The A_Rival CD Release Party

Above is the 8bitSF flier I had previously mentioned. It’s the second flier I did in collaboration with Mike Hales. He penciled the left side, while I penciled the right. We then switched sides, with me painting the left and him pixelizing the right. Here is my fully painted version before Mike pixelated it. Totally for awesome!

War of the Yo-yos

Drawn in either 2007 or 2008, this War of the Worlds inspired piece was drawn using several points on Valencia, Mission, and Van Ness as reference. When drawing the city, I like to just mix up different places and put them in one scene… I guess that’s just so nobody can say “You drew the wrong bus” or whatever. Fucking know-it-all smartasses.

California Thrown

It’s a point of pride for me that only one of my SF landscapes includes the Golden Gate Bridge. This scene features a giant yo-yo, with a mile long string, nearly crushing the bridge. This would make a dope poster or something… fuck it… all of these pieces would. There, I said it.

100 hand painted covers

The cover to Robots Don’t Know Anything About Twitter features a giant robot walking down Market St.

Cousin Isaac models...
Hand Of Yo t-shirt

One of the very first pieces I did when I moved to SF was a flier for a Monsters of Yo
show at the Odeon bar. Actually, the MOY was the reason I moved to the city. The flier featured a giant yo-yo crushing SF with a god like hand hovering above the city. As an added effect, I added a real piece of yo-yo string from the hand to the yo-yo. The whole thing looked so cool I made the above shirts based on the design. Each shirt required 4 screens (since the city was offset from the front of the shirt) and had a yo-yo string sewn on. I made about 100 of these and sold out (mostly) years ago, but I have heard tales of a store in St. Louis with knock offs of my design on a shirt… Making them my first knock offs!



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