Music with yo-yos

I often get asked if I make any music with yo-yos. Most of the time people are referring to making music by spinning yo-yos during a performance… or standing near a theremin while yo-yoing… or whatever. Although that sort of thing can be done (as seen in this Popcast video with qDot), the most practical way to incorporate yo-yos into song is by gathering various sounds from stationary yo-yos (like in the video above).

I’m working on a recording where you generate notes by pulling and releasing the string (the bell shaped body of a yo-yo offers great resonance), but I think what Riccardo Fraolini did in the above video is even cooler. Especially since he incorporated a “VideoSong” style visual element a’la Pomplalose.







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  1. mikemonty Avatar

    That was pretty awesome 🙂 reminded me of that beatbox video that's been floating around youtube… i think this is the one he's made a few sequels since this video came out 🙂

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