About your orders with Colchester Rubber Company

I’m on the floor at the Missouri State Yo-Yo Contest right now, so I’ll have to try and keep this short, but I felt it was important to communicate what’s happening with Colchester Rubber Company.

Several weeks ago, I posted about my Colchester Rubber Co shoes and my recent sponsorship deal with that company. As part of that announcement, CRC was offering a special $18.92 deal on their Alpha shoes. From what I understand, CRC sold a little under 200 pairs through that deal.

Last week I started getting emails to me inquiring about when the shoes will arrive. People had been trying to contact CRC but received no responses, so they started writing me in hopes of some more info. Up until that point I had assumed everything was fine with the orders.

Apparently the shoes were damaged during shipping and Gary Pifer, the owner of the company says he will be offering refunds, but he didn’t say when that would happen. That’s all the information I have right now, I’m sorry.

Based on this experience, I have decided to no longer work for Colchester Rubber Company or any of it’s affiliate companies as a sponsored pro. Although I still love my shoes, I no longer feel comfortable telling my friends to do business with CRC. I tendered my resignation from the team on Friday morning of this week, so I am attending MoYo out of my own pocket, which is fine because that’s what I was originally going to do.

On a personal note, I want to sincerely apologize to everyone who is upset about their order status. My personal experience with CRC was perfect when I ordered my shoes and I would have never endorsed this product to my friends if I had had the same experience as I’m hearing from my friends. I’ve never been in this sort of situation before and I feel so bad for leading so many of my friends into this annoying situation.






3 responses to “About your orders with Colchester Rubber Company

  1. Adam Avatar

    You mean “Apparently the shoes were damaged during shipping and…”

  2. Francis Avatar

    Damn. I really liked those shoes. Any idea if there will be an option to wait for the next batch or do I have to take the refund?

  3. DocPop Avatar

    From what I understand, waiting foe the shoes will be an option. I
    really wish you guys could hear the official word from CRC though.
    I love my shoes. Hope you get yours soon.

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