P Nosa with his solar powered sewing machine

P Nosa and his solar powered sewing machine

I met P Nosa in Dolores Park late last summer. He had set up his solar powered sewing machine and was embroidering commissioned pieces on scraps of fabric. Most of his pieces were based on five word phrases suggested by customers, so I handed him a shirt and asked him to do a custom piece with “yo-yos and bikes and shit”. I shot the above video while he was working on my shirt, but hadn’t gotten around to editing it until flying back from Saint Louis this weekend. I hope you like it.

By the way, the shirt turned out AWESOME:
embroidery by P. Nosa



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9 responses to “P Nosa and his solar powered sewing machine

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  2. Tissu-Liberty Avatar

    I want the same, the shirt looks so cool. What a good idea the solar sewing machine

  3. PeterB217 Avatar

    Great idea would this work with more modern machines and how do yyou go about setting up with a solar panel is there diagrams of how to set that up somewhere?
    Maybe something more robust like a Janome 7330 might be able to handle things a bit better.

    PeterB from http://sewingmachineforsaleinfo.com

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  5. Yam Avatar

    wow! cool shirt.Great imagination.can this work for other kinds of embroidery machines as well?

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    This shirt really cool!

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  8. Guest Avatar


    nice shirt man how do i get 1 of those  🙂

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