Selvage iPad Sleeves

After complaining about all the $40 iPad cases on Apple’s site, I decided to take a stab at making a case that I could actually see myself using. Taking a cue from my old denim laptop sleeve design, I’ve spent most of my weekend making sexy selvage iPad sleeves which you can now find in my online shop.


These cases com in two sizes. The standard size (10″) sits flush with the top of your iPad, like most sleeves do. The long size (11.5″) has an extra bit of material that can keep cuffed to be flush with the device, or you can tuck over before putting it in your bag (so objects don’t slide inside the sleeve).


[Danger; denim geekery ahead] These iPad cases are made from shuttle loom denim from Japan. The denim is raw, so it will tend to bleed indigo when you first start using it. This won’t affect the iPad at all, but if you carry it around in a bag with white lining, a little blue may rub off on the lining. The cases are made with just a little extra room to slide your iPad in and out of, but if you want a snugger fit you can soak them in lukewarm water for 10 minutes (which will also help prevent fading). Shrink to fit computer accessories! Each case will have a selvage line running along one of it’s inner seams. The selvage line is white with a dotted black (or very dark blue) line. It ages well and turns a pretty blue after a few washes. I’ve used this denim for several past projects and love it.