The top 20 iPhone games for your iPad rant

Top 20 iPhone games for the iPad.

I’ve written a new LaughingSquid post about the top 20 iPhone games for your iPad. I don’t often write lists, but this one was written with a purpose. I want to encourage my friends (and anyone else who will listen) to think twice before paying extra money for an app that won’t run on their iPhone. Also wanted to try and shame those developers who are charging highly inflated prices for nearly identical ports of their existing iPhone apps.

Honestly, I am happy to see more and more higher priced apps selling in the store because it enables developers to put more work into their products, but asking $10 for a game that used to be $3 is ridiculous. Especially if it’s only compatible with one device.

When making iPad only apps from previously released iPhone games, developers should either charge close to the same amount as the original, or put the thought and effort into making the iPad experience worth the increased prices.

Ideally, developers (and consumers) will be able to look at an any app and say “It’s priced higher, but it’s optimized for all devices” or “Look what they were able to do for the iPad version, that’s totally worth it”. For the time being however, it seems like many developers are just taking this as a chance for an easy mark up.







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