Going Green

Our office building in San Mateo has recently decided it was going to go green… and by green I mean they are going to start having cleaners come during the day instead of night time to cut down late night energy usage.
They could have simply alerted us to this by email, but instead they:
1.) placed several useless large vinyl signs downstairs stating how much energy would be save by day cleaning.
2.) placed 4 page (single side printing) printouts on every single office desk in the 15 floor building telling us they were switching to day time cleaners.
3.) placed these non recyclable foam toys in the shape of a sun on every office desk in the building. Our office alone threw away maybe 25 of these things… and we are only one of the offices on this floor. So lets estimate 500 of these things were left around the building.

iPad sketches

But it appears that switching to day cleaners is not the only change they made to go green. They also added these compost bins to the side of each trash can in our office. Keep in mind that we already have a large compost bin in the kitchen… and that this small compost bin is just barely smaller than the waste basket that it’s hanging on. Adding anything to it at all makes it fall over… but I imagine they probably change the bag every day anyways.

I heard you like trash cans...

The final change is the new automated paper towel dispensers in the bathrooms. I don’t know if these are related to the building’s new environmental direction, but they appeared the same day as the vinyl signs and pvc toys. Any swipe in front of these dispensers makes them spit out 14 inhes of paper. 14″!!!

14 inches of paper per






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  1. katmulkey Avatar

    That's the blackest “green” plan that I've ever heard about!

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