Mark Montgomery in…

Nero from Andrew Kornylak on Vimeo.

The newest video by Little Tybee features the yo-yoing styles of my old friend Mark Montgomery. It’s an extremely slick video based around a long single shot of Mark yo-yoing while the world around him explodes into a music video hell. Pretty cool stuff (found via YoYoNation).

Mark also happens to be in SF this weekend for the Bay Area Classic yo-yo contest. An event which I too would have loved to attend, but couldn’t find any info on until after I had already made plans to attend a wedding this weekend. It really sucks to miss big contest like this in your home town… wish they could have posted info online sooner. Whatever… I’m just getting grumpy now.

Hey, if you are going to BAC and you’d like to step your game up. Check out this video to learn how to yo-yo like the legendary Kenny Strasser does it (via yoyoskills):






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