Mission Burger closing this month?

Mission Burger

Rumor has it that Mission Street Food will be closing its burger stand in Duc Loi grocery store at the end of the month. Apparently the cooks will be opening some new all day restaurant somewhere in the MishMish, and I’m not talking about Commonwealth. Mission Burger was my favorite makeshift deli, especially when they had special off menu sammiches like this egg salad sandwich served in a donut-like bread.

Today's Mission Burger special is there best sandwich yet! Part donut/part egg salad.

One of the cooks at Mission Burger told me they once tried to open a burger stand in Benders Bar and Grill. Even though they didn’t have any restaurants using the kitchen at the time, the bartender told the Mission Burger guys they didn’t think the owner would be interested. WTF?! Imagine how dope Benders would be now if Mission Burger was there throughout the week instead of that Ore-Ida tater tot serving burger stand that took over after the Weird Fish guys left.






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