Return of the Zim Zam Yo-Yo Corp?

Still no more word on the comedian who pranked several radio stations by pretending to by a professional yo-yoer for Zim Zam Yo-Yo Corp, but apparently he has conned more midwestern tv stations since then. Can anything stop this man?

One cool thing that came out of this whole prankhole is that my friend and fellow Möbius yo-yoer Dan Ickler got some airtime on WSAW, the station I wrote about last week, and got to put in a good word for yo-yoers everywhere. Despite having the highly ironic nickname of “Zammy”, the station gave him plenty of airtime… I have to say it’s pretty surreal watching Zammy on the same stage that Kenny Strasser did just a few weeks ago. Go Zammy!





2 responses to “Return of the Zim Zam Yo-Yo Corp?

  1. kat mulkey Avatar
    kat mulkey

    Thanks to Zammy for working to undo the damage to yo-yo 's reputation that was caused by that idiot prankster “K-Strass.”

  2. Zammy Ickler Avatar

    Thanks for doing this man! I appreciate it much.

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