A Corgi Brockhouse foldable scooter. This scooter is very low to the ground, with tall handlebars than can be folded down. This motorbike also has a small sidecar.

Brockhouse Corgi Mk2

photo by Clive1945

Brockhouse Corgi Mk2’s where really cool stripped down motorcycles used by the military as camp runabouts in the 40’s. These scooters were designed to be ultra-portable. In the above photo, you can see how the seats and handlebars could be collapsed to make the bikes more sleek and compact. These bikes look like they’d be fun to mod.

A Corgi Brockhouse scooter in army green. This bike is all very low to the ground, with very small wheels . The seat and handlebars are the only things sticking high, but they can be folded down as low as the rest of the bike.
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  1. Scott Stead Avatar

    I'm no genius with bikes. I've never owned a motorcycle – but I've dreamed of it. I've thought of scooters…etc. – even just building a fixie would be sweet. But then I see bikes like this and I'm like I have to effing do this. I need to find a bike building community in dc. I think I'd get way way into it. These are dead sexy.

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