Game Challenge Day 2

I spent 10 hours at Noisebridge yesterday working with some very talented friends on an entry for BoingBoing’s chiptune inspired video game challenge. Our game, “KnifeTanks”, mashes pixel art and chiptune sounds with hand drawn assets and kazoos. The goal of the game is to toggle all of the soundblocks on each level while avoiding an oncoming horde of KnifeTanks. We’ve built it in Processing.js which uses HTML5 standards and runs on just about any browser except for IE.

I’ll be spending most of today working with Crashfaster on chiptune songs and their acoustic counterparts, which should be a lot of fun. He cranked out 4 great tracks during yesterday’s game jam.

The game, while raw, is fully functional. So now we just need to focus on getting the music in and working on the level design. If we have time, we’ll be adding high score leaderboard, multiplayer levels, iPad controls (the game runs on an iPad, but lacks touch controls) and more art. Finally, here is a screen shot:


edit: check out this patch by P. Nosa!






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