Hieronymus Bash for XBox

By strange coincidence, I recently found out that our new upstairs neighbor, Whitney Hills, also happens to be a game designer with a bunch of games under her belt. Aside from her coveted daytime gig at Double Fine, she’s also worked on a few of her own titles including a highly addictive multiplayer game called Hieronymus Bash.

Hieronymus Bash is an XBox Live Arcade title that pits angels versus devils in epic game of dodge ball. Each level either takes you up towards heaven or down to hell depending on how well your side is doing. The art is simple, with lots of funny sound bites, which kept me laughing even when I was losing. Perhaps best of all, the game is down-loadable for only 80 Microsoft points (aka $1). Suggested tag line: “It’s Armagedd-on now, mutherfucker!”…

She’s currently working on her next game, Ghost Chef, which looks like a stylish time management game with the same humor that makes Hieronymus Bash so fun to play.