Slow Yo

Spent most of my weekend painting this piece. Still having trouble with my washes… Still wish I could paint like Hellen. Also trying to figure out how to get my paintings into a digital format. I guess the best practice would be for me to use a nice camera instead of a scanner, because scanners show watercolors in a different way than they appear to the human eye.

BTW, my hobbies don’t cross over to often. I’d love to do more paintings of yo-yo stuff, or rap about painting, or sew denim microphone cozies, but it just doesn’t happen.






2 responses to “Slow Yo

  1. Ottorabbit Avatar

    I think you could try to allow your hobbies to cross over. It is what makes you, you. Keep making awesome things.

  2. DocPop Avatar

    Oh, I wasn't saying I don't want my hobbies to crossover. I'm just saying it's hard to get them to. I always think I should do more yo-yo art, but whenever I pick up a pen I just want to draw anything but yo-yos. Thanks for the feedback though.

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