The Nerd Leprechaun

I stumbled on this forum post on YoYoExpert yesterday:

There was a guy at our church who I thought was doctor popular about 5 years ago, and I really thought it was him but was to scared to go ask him, so I told my friends little brother to go ask the guy if he was doctor popular and he would give him a dollar.

So he goes and ask’s him: “are you Doctor Popular?” and he replies “no”.
And the poor kid stood there waiting for a dollar so I rushed over and took him away.

I still was not convinced that this guy at our church was not doctor popular, cause he looked so much like him, so I convinced another kid to do the same.

Guy said “no”.

Then I got my friend who was doing the greeting that day to ask the guy the same thing.

Again: “no”.

SO FINALLY, I get enough courage to ask myself, I go up to the guy and ask him: Hey excuse me sir, are you Doctor Popular?

Guy: No, although apparently I look like whoever that is.

2 weeks later, the guy returns to church with a new look.

I love the part about the kid asking “Are you Doctor Popular?” then expecting a dollar. If I could have one wish come true, it would be for this turn into an urban myth… Kids walking up to any stranger with glasses and asking if they were Doctor Popular anytime they need some money for candy. I’d be like the nerd leprechaun.