5 Television Commercials (that feature Radiohead)

Radiohead may have been the reason I learned to play guitar, but some of their early videos also made big impressions on me. Although I the band released several videos from their first album, including this humdrum video for Creep, it wasn’t until 1995’s “Just” that the band really started to push the medium. With these videos, Radiohead managed to get images stuck in your mindhole as much (if not more) than the actual hooks of the songs. The images of a man laying on the sidewalk (in “Just”), or being chased by a car (in the ironic “Karma Police” song) are really just fantastic short films rather than the typical music-video-as-a-commercial that filled MTV in the 90s. In many of these works, the bands presence really serves more as a way to transition from scene to scene, rather than be the focus of the film itself.

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Radiohead – High and Dry @ Yahoo! Video
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