Busking with an iPad, part 1

Unwoman and DocPop Making Music

An unexpected consequence of Unwoman’s “Play Somewhere Weird Everyday” project is that it’s resulted in me going out and making music publicly. I’ve long been terrified of busking, but with Erica’s encouragement (and musical support) I’ve been performing some of my iPad songs on local street corners and subway stations.

Yesterday, we performed an hour long “UnPopular” set in front of Mission Comics and Art. Although our material was written as solo pieces, we chipped in on each others songs. Below is a clip of my rendition of Prefuse73’s remix of TransAm’s “Different Kind of Love”. I’m using Nanoloop for iPhone, which has a brief spazz-out near the end of the song… sorry about that.


4 responses to “Busking with an iPad, part 1

  1. Star Avatar

    yes! keep doing this, okay?

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  3. Brad Powell Avatar

    There’s a Brazilian artist who may have beat you to the title of ‘the first iPad street musician’ – Mikael Mutti, from Salvador da Bahia incorporates an iPad and a guitar hero console into his own electronic instrument – it’s pretty wild stuff as shown on the video on this page: http://www.microfundo.com/mikael_mutti/

    Mutti’s recent claim to fame: he’s on the soundtrack of the recent animated film “Rio” along with Serdio Mendes…

  4. DocPop Avatar

    Cool music, thanks for the link! It’s possible that some other folks were doing this around the same time I started, but I was searching for others for a long time and couldn’t find anyone else performing on the street with an iPad until 6 or more months after I was. That being said, this dude is WAY better than what I was doing 🙂

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