DocPop, Unwoman, & Crashfaster live on Ustream

Live From Monobomb

Continuing our Live From Monobomb series, Crashfaster, Unwoman, and myself will be playing a live streaming video show this Friday, July 16th @7PM PST. You can watch the show live on Unwoman’s Ustream channel.

I’ll be playing an all “app music” set using my iPhone and iPad. The show should start with Unwoman at 7, then my set at 8, followed by Crashfaster at 9. These Monobomb shows have been a lot of fun so far. There’s always a bunch of cool people in the chat and the performers are hella casual.






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  1. […] vote. We are putting the final touches on the album right now, and hope to have it out in time for Friday night’s show. Aside from Crashfaster’s original 4 chiptune songs from KnifeTank, the album will also […]

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