KnifeTank: Don’t forget to vote

“Blood + oil = Knife + Tank”- Beefy (from the KnifeTank Theme Song)

We’ve seen some great reviews for our new web game, KnifeTank, including this fabulous piece on Download Squad and even a shout out on Kotaku. Thanks guys!

Voting for the BoingBoing Chiptune Challenge is nearly over. We’ve seen some heavy traffic on the server, but our game is still sitting depressingly low in the poll. I’m thinking a lot of people have been enjoying the games listed in the poll, but haven’t always been clicking back to the BB page to vote. So we came up with this idea: if KnifeTank ends up with the most votes by the end of the contest (tomorrow night), we will give away the KnifeTank album for free for three days.

I’m really proud of what we’ve done with the game and it’s accompanying chiptune soundtrack, so if you liked our work be sure to vote. We are putting the final touches on the album right now, and hope to have it out in time for Friday night’s show. Aside from Crashfaster’s original 4 chiptune songs from KnifeTank, the album will also feature remixes by 8bit bEtty and minusbaby, as well as a new nerdcore rap track by Beefy and myself.

Just to be clear, if KnifeTank has the most votes by the time the BoingBoing poll closes this Wednesday night, we will be making the entire KnifeTank soundtrack available online for free. So be sure to vote!






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