KnifeTank has a theme song

<a href="">crimson dreams (Doctor Popular vs crashfaster) by Knifetank</a>

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a new rap song, but I think this song was worth the wait. “Crimson Dreams” started off as a cover of one of the songs that Crashfaster wrote for our KnifeTank game, but soon turned into a nerdrap anthem about the game’s villain. I always love any excuse to work with Beefy on a track and luckily he’s always willing to make any track 10 times doper with his presence. As a final bit of irony, Crashfaster then took the final hip hop cover and layered his own vocals back on top of it.

For those interested, I decided to post the lyrics below. Fun fact, I originally wrote my first 4 bars as part of a Pole Position song that never got finished… which also explains the beep countdown into the song:

Prepare to qualify all night, let them speakers ride out
feel the bass hum, first place here I come
Spare no quarters, I’ll only need one
but you can read my name when my game is done
Stab stab got infinite lives
You brought a gun to a KnifeTank fight
I’ve got the gift of stab and infinite lives
never bring a gun to a KnifeTank FIGHT

I’m rolling in my KnifeTank [let’s go!]
Down a road lined with human skulls
Relax and go with the flow
Sit back I’ve got cruise control

Momma called me Kniffy, there’s nobody that’s like
Grew up in the Bay but even they think I’m too hyphy
And so they try to fry me, like the other white meat
Beat ’em to the ground as so the kids all think I’m frieghtning
What’s better? fear or respect?
My captain’s deck gots a hair on your neck
You’re gone in a sec, I’ll take what I get
A blade inside your skull is just the fate you must a accept
I plead with ya, you ain’t up on my level
I’m a tank made of hate, blueprint by the devil
I’m a riddle wrapped enigma playing games with your life
It’s like like blood + oil = tank + knife
I roll. Out of control.
Pray for your soul when I’m out on patrol
I’m the monster playing games with your life
It’s like like blood + oil = tank + knife






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