KnifeTank (the Albumhole)

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As you play through each level in KnifeTank, the stunningly popular HTML5 game we created a few weeks ago, the music changes from all chiptune to all organic sounds. Crashfaster wrote and recorded most of the tracks on his midiNES, but I lent a hand with some additional arrangements and silly acoustic sounds.

We enjoyed making the KnifeTank soundtrack so much, that we decided to flesh it out into an entire album. KnifeTank (the Albumhole) is the result and it’s available on a “pay what you want” basis on Bandcamp. The album is 12 tracks with remixes by Minusbaby and 8bit bEtty. One of my favorite tracks on the album is my version of Crimson Dreams, which is sort of a nerd-rap-knifetank-anthem featuring my pal Beefy. The song, which started off as a cover of Crashfaster’s track, also gets a STUNNING remix by 8bit bEtty… so it’s a remix of a remix of a cover of a song from the video game.



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