sadnes’s 8-Bit cover of “Wicked Game”

I’m totally smitten with this chip tune cover of Chris Isaak’s “Wicked Game” by Conneticut’s sadnes (as in Sad-N.E.S.). I’m a obviously a fan of overdramatic pop vocals with lofi music, so this dude’s sound is totally up my alley. Actually, sadnes lists Brainiac, The Jesus Lizard, Self, and Blonde Redhead as his influences… it’s like we are long lost cousins or something. I can’t wait for his debut e.p. due mid-August, but for now you can listen to some of his tracks on his Myspacehole.

This is also a good place to mention that the pulchritudinous Unwoman has also done an amazing version of Wicked Game:
<a href="">Wicked Game by Unwoman</a>






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  1. Mark Y Avatar
    Mark Y

    I love Unwoman's version. Sweet, soulful and awesome!

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