The Downer Party are blowing up

San Francisco Independence Day set to The Downer Party from daniel jarvis on Vimeo.

I was walking around with Leef, from Mission Comics, when we heard some fantastic music coming out of the basement of the house next to Aquarius Records. This space will soon be the home of Silver Sprocket Bike Club, but for now they are just doing occasional house shows. We caught half of the Soft Healer set then stuck around for The Downer Party. It was fantastic show, nice and intimate with plenty of friendly folks.

The Downer Party are playing some shows in SF this weekend. They’ll be at The Milk Bar on the 16th and then they’ll be playing at Thee Parkside on Sunday during the Indie Mart.





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  1. […] has been putting out some kickass videos lately. Aside from this and the other Downer Party video I posted a few weeks ago, Jarvis also made this kickass “I Got It At Ross” video with Abraham […]

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