Get Me Geek Pretty One Day for just $3

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I released my first full length album in 2008, under the band name Drown Radio. The album, titled Me Geek Pretty One Day, is heavily hip-hop influenced with lots of nerdy lyrics and head nodding instrumentals. I’d hesitate to call it a nerdcore rap album, since there are serious songs on there, but the whole album definitely has a nerdy vibe throughout.

I’ve finally re-released the album on Bandcamp, including the remixes by 8bit bEtty and Bomarr. If you haven’t heard it yet, you should check it out. I’ve listed the album at the low low price of $6, but if you use the promo code “g33k” you can get the whole album for just $3!


3 responses to “Get Me Geek Pretty One Day for just $3

  1. Francis Avatar

    Awesome. What other nerdcore albums would you recommend?

  2. doc Avatar

    Nerdcore Rising by MC Frontalot
    Digital Gangster by MC Lars and ytcracker
    And any of Beefy’s albums.

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