I’ll see you at the World Yo-Yo Contest

Just a quick note to say I’ll be going to the World Yo-Yo Contest this weekend. The event will be in Orlando this weekend (August 12-14th), which happens to coincide with Star Wars Celebration, one of the largest Star Wars conventions in the world. Nerd Fight!!!

For any other Star Wars or Yo-Yo nerds in town, I’ll be performing at a show with Orlando’s own nerdcore supergroup The Emergency Pizza Party Friday night. For my set, I’ll be mixing up some of my old nerdcore rap songs with my newer indie-esque iPad music. This’ll be my first show on the East Coast in 10 years! If you are in town PLEASE come check it out… House party shows like this are some of my favorite memories, and I bet this one is going to be awesome! More details on the facebookhole. The address of the event can’t be shared online, but if you’d like to come, please contact me and I’ll let you know the details.

As a way to help support this trip, I’ve dug into my stash of uber-rare Bolt yo-yos to sell. I’ll be bringing about 20 blue and orange Bolts to sell on a first come first serve basis. I’ll also be bringing a few denim wallets and iPad sleeves for sale. If anybody would like to request anything specific, leave a comment below (or email me) and I’ll try to help you out. I’ll be arriving late Wed night and leaving Sunday at noon, so be sure to find me early for your stuff.





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