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I’m real excited that Falling For a Square’s new album is online. “Quiet Songs For Computer People” was created with Nanoloop for iPhone along with other iPhone applications and a little Casio SK 1. It’s great music to work along to on lazy Tuesday afternoon. Did I mention it’s free?

<a href="">Beginning Of Program by Falling For A Square</a>

Another great album to work along to is Kid Koala’s “Music To Draw Too” which is available for free for the next 20 (or so) hours! Stop reading this, go download it now! I’ll wait… Get it? Good. This scratch mix could never be sold for fear of licensing issues, but has some nice moments on it.

Cut Chemist has a new mix out too. I have to admit I was a huge fan of Chemist back in the day, but he really started losing me from Product Placement on. “Sound Of the Police” yet another mix album from the man, but with a twist. “Different than the traditional mix CD using two turntables, this exclusive offering was created live using only one turntable, a mixer, a loop pedal and all original vinyl pressings. CUT thought when performing this mix live it would challenge the contemporary DJ as well as himself.” Definetly more interesting then simply hearing a bunch of obscure records mixed back to back. “Sound Of the Police” is ten bucks on bandcamp, but a bonus cut titled “Adidas to Addis” is free for download. You can also listen to the entire album streaming.

<a href="">West Side by Cut Chemist</a>

8bitSF just had another awesome show at the DNA Lounge. You may have missed it, but the sampler for the show is still up, featuring music Crashfaster, Mr. Spastic, Minusbaby, and Anamanaguchi. Download the sampler here.

Speaking of Anamanaguchi, the fantastic music video blog La Blogotheque recently posted a fantastic live performance of Anamanaguchi’s new single “Airbrushed”. Watch the video here. Download Anamanaguchi’s new singles here.

Anamanaguchi | A Take Away Show | Airbrushed from La Blogotheque on Vimeo.

La Blogotheque also posted a charming video of Neautral Milk Hotel Neutral Uke Hotel performing “In An Aeroplane Over The Sea”. Watch it here.

Neutral Uke Hotel | A Take Away Show | In The Aeroplane Over The Sea from La Blogotheque on Vimeo.






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