Rick Rolling Random Callers

Holy carp! It’s been almost two years since I first started making those Missing: Invisible Bicycle posters. Since then, thousands of people have called the number on the poster and been rick rolled by my pre-recorded message.

For just one weekend, back in January ’09, I forwarded all calls from my Grand Central/Google Voicemail to go directly to my cell phone… During this time, I personally treated every caller to a live rendition of Rick Astley’s classic song “Never Gonna Give You Up”. I filmed a few of these calls, but never got around to editing it all together until today. Enjoy the video.


One response to “Rick Rolling Random Callers

  1. Scot Nery Avatar

    dude~! you gotta warp their reality if you're gonna just sit there listening. You should like give them a menu of numbers to push after they leave their message, then rick roll them again, or give them a personalized salutation like “Hello, Mike, thank you for leaving a message. I would like to send you a present. Mike please state your favorite color after the tone” etc.

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