Sexy Yoda Hat

Difficult to see. Always in motion is the future.

Flickr user soindywaits crocheted this awesome Yoda themed hat in time for the Star Wars convention in Orlando last weekend.

I was going to be going to Celebration V (the coolest convention ever) and wanted a costume that didn’t actually involve … getting into costume?

A few hours later, ta-da! Yoda hat. Yoda is my hero. It would be embarassing to name the number of times per week that I quote him or use the Yoda magic-8 ball figure I have in my room to answer a question for me. Let’s not get into that ridiculousness.

Hat details: Pattern was free-form, crotched with chunky yarn and a giant hook, added wire to the ears to add cuteness in bunchiness, and added enormous black button eyes. Yoda Ta-da!

For awesome! Hopefully we’ll see some of these hats appear on her Etsy page sometime. Speaking of Etsy, there are a ton of keen Star Wars hats on Etsy right now. Check out this awesome $7 R2D2 hat:





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