Yo-Yo Video Round Up

In the week leading up to the World Yo-Yo Contest in Orlando, I had this grand idea of posting a series of yo-yo videos from around the web, but I didn’t end up having enough time. I’m glad I waited, because some really dope videos have come out recently that I’d love to share.

The first is Boxthor’s clip video from the World Yo-Yo Contest. Though the lighting is a little low, the editing is great and Boxy focuses on a lot of players that don’t usually show up in American clip videos:

Next up is a new möbius video by Tane. Möbius is a sub-style of yo-yo play that I had a hand in developing (and naming) ten years ago. Instead of starting with the string on one finger, möbius players keep the string on two fingers to make it easy to open the slip knot up and do tricks in and around the loop. I have never seen Tane’s stuff before, but I totally dig it. It’s great to see different takes on a style you love:

I was asked to judge the Artistic Performance division at the World Yo-Yo Contest this year, which mean I had a fantastic front row seat to Rei Iwakura’s freestyle. I hadn’t seen his freestyles before, so I was blown away by all the weird shit he was doing with an extra piece of string (or two strings on one yo-yo). Instant classic:

Finally, I wanted to share this yo-yo video by fellow Mission-ite and KnifeTank collaborator Lilia Markham.

hi from liliakai on Vimeo.






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