Catch me at the SF Zine Fest

Doc Pop

This weekend is the annual San Francisco Zine Fest at the County Fair Building in San Francisco. People always ask me why I prefer the SFZF to the Alternative Press Expo. First off, SFZF is free for the public. Anytime an event asks people to pay to get in… which instantly turns those possible consumers into spectators. I NEVER make as much money or have as much fun at events that charge at the door. Secondly, the SFZF has a far more infinite vibe. Even though APE is absolutely packed with attendees, they don’t actually like to stop and talk. They just wanna get through the crowd and find Dan Clowes’s table, but SFZF attendees are there to check out what people have made and how they made it. I always have a bunch of nice conversations there.

This year I’ll be be selling my denim pen wraps for artists, 1″ button sets made from dollar bills, some 24 hour comics, wallets, and my awesome new laser etched wooden yo-yos!

Laser Etched Wooden Yo-Yos by Doc Pop

Each yo-yo is laser etched with a drawing of me on one side and my Handtler Moose on the other side. Also: argyle.

Laser Etched Wooden Yo-Yos by Doc Pop

I’ll be selling these for $15 each during Zine Fest, then I’ll be putting them on my shop (along with some other goodies) next week.

[top photo of Doc Pop at APE by Laughing Squid]






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