New items (finally) added to the store

I’ve finally added some new items to my webstore and I think you are gonna like them. Click the “shop” button at the top of this page to check out them out.

First up are the new DocPop journals. These books feature my watercolor painting of my Handtler Moose in his natural habitat. The quality of these things are great and it’s just the beginning of many future collabos with the folks at Vulto (and their paper crafts company Smuzi).

Then to go along with your Handtler journalhole, you can pick up a laser etched wooden yo-yo. Each yo-yo has my selfportrait on one side and the Handtler Moose on the other. Ever since I’ve gotten these yo-yos, I’ve been non-stop looping with them. These are great wooden yo-yos.

Finally, I’ve restocked my infamous Bolt yo-yos. These are the very last Bolt yo-yos I have in stock… I’ve been hoarding them for years and felt it was finally okay to put them back in the store. I have some blue, some orange (unmodded) and some orange (modified).


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