Pam Shaffer and her Marxophone

During one of Unwoman‘s recent recitals in La Fayette, I was fortunate enough to see Pam Shaffer‘s opening performance. She had brought with her a bizarre piece of musical history called a Marxophone. These fretless zithers have springy mallets that repeatedly strike a note, giving the Marxophone it’s unique sound (which you can hear in the above video).

Pam Shaffer's Marxophone

After Pam’s performance, Unwoman and I asked her for the chance to borrow her Marxophone to create our own sample kits. We recorded various notes being played at various velocities and lengths and then Unwoman chopped them all up and patched them in Reason. I can’t wait to start posting some of our new songs with these bizarre samples. Now here’s a video of a home made Marxophone guitar mod: