Bikes Go Here

I’m probably already preaching to the choir on this, but I just wanted to put out one request to my fellow mass transit riders:

Bikes Go Here.

There are 56 seats on your average BART car, but only 2 of them allow bike riders to sit comfortably without having to hold on to their bicycles the whole ride. IF YOU ARE SITTING IN ONE OF THESE SEATS PLEASE SHARE IT WITH OTHER RIDERS!

Obviously these are priority seating for elderly or disabled riders, and if I was sitting in this area with my bike, I would hop out of my seat whenever I saw a rider who could use the seat more than I could. So all I’m asking is for a similar courtesy from other riders. If you don’t need that space, don’t hog it up.

Yesterday a rider cut in front of me as I was boarding the train and she took up this whole seat. There were at least 40 other seats open for her, so I asked if she would mind letting me use that space. “I was here first” she replied. Then I asked if she would at least move her bags so I could sit in the seat next to her while I propped my bike against the wall and she said “I need the whole seat”.