24 Hour Comic Book Day this Saturday!

24 Hour Comic Book Day Flyer art

Saturday October 2nd is the official date for 24 Hour Comic Book Day. This year, The SF Cartoonist Conspiracy has once again helped organize the event for the 4th year in a row. 34 cartoonists in the Bay area will be drawing at Mission Comics, Comic Relief, and Noisebridge. If you live in the area, you can stop in anytime between 11am Saturday to 11am Sunday and watch us work.

This will be my 6th 24HCBD project. As in previous years, I’ll be live-streaming my progress (and short bits of recorded updates) on my Ustream channel. As an added challenge, I’m considering creating my entire book with a BIC pen and some white ink. Check out my previous 24hr comics Robots Don’t Know Twitter, Boof!, and Ideas. I’m also printing full color copies of Robots and Boof! which will be available in 3 weeks!

Fellow Cartoonist Conspirators will be doing 24HCBD get togethers in Minneapolis and Albuquerque.

Earlier this week we had a pre-24HCBD meet up and joked about how this should actually be called Annual Comic Book Day since it’s the only day that most of us work on an actual comic book 🙂

A huge thanks to Josh Ellingson for his great work on this year’s flier!





4 responses to “24 Hour Comic Book Day this Saturday!

  1. Staplegenius Avatar

    Odin’s speed, Doc! Just think–if you had been doing 24hcd every year since the first time we did it together back in 2004, this would be your 7th time. Then you, like I, could say you have officially spent a whole week doing comics. …………..Madness.

  2. DocPop Avatar

    I’m jealous of your 7 full days of comic making! I think I skipped a year to
    attend the National Yo-Yo Contest, but for the past few years I have instead
    chosen to attend the 24hcbd events. I sure wish they didn’t fall on the same
    day every year though.


  3. […] Doc Pop reminds us that 24 Hour Comic Book Day 2010 starts this Saturday, October 2nd at 11am. […]

  4. […] Docpop sez, “Saturday October 2nd is the date for this years 24hr Comic Book Day. Cartoonists from all over the world will attempt to create their own 24 page comic entirely in 24 consecutive hours. The challenge is a lot of fun to participate in, but it’s also fun to watch. We’ll be doing events at 3 different locations with 34 artists in the Bay Area. Stop by Mission Comics (SF), Comic Relief (Berk), or Noisebridge (SF) to watch. More details on my bloghole.” […]

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