Hard Drivin’ (the comic)

Hard Drivin’ is probably my second favorite cabinet game of all time. I really did have a conversation with a stranger via the game’s high score screen. After a few weeks of messages we met up and played chess a few times. It was pretty awesome.

I drew this comic yesterday in order to see how my upcoming 24hr comic book may look if I drew it in Bic pen. I’m pretty happy with the results, so I think I’m going to “Bic” with it!






2 responses to “Hard Drivin’ (the comic)

  1. Christopher Polack Avatar

    ‘Hard Drivin’” was a great game and that’s a terrific story. Well told! The Bic pen gives it an ’80’s feel.

  2. 2danimator Avatar

    Cool. Good luck at the 24HCB Day.


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