Spider: An art show. A music video. A combination art show and music video!

Spider: The art show/Music video shoot

It started off as a simple idea: I want to make a music video that uses the art in a gallery to tell a story. It sounded easy enough, so I reserved the gallery at Mission Comics and Art and booked a flight for my friend Dave to fly down from Des Moines with his Cannon Mark 5d (or whatever it is). Then I realized “Shit, I have to make enough art for an entire art show!”.

So now I’m rushing home every evening to work on more paintings and I’m almost ready, which is good because our video shoot is THIS SATURDAY!

<a href="http://docpop.bandcamp.com/track/spider">Spider by Doctor Popular</a>

Spider is the first single off of my upcoming album Beeps and Smudges, which is full of songs exclusively created with iPhone apps. We’ll be shooting the music video for “Spider” on Saturday night and need people to fill the art show. The art will be up throughout the night, but the video shoot will be from 6-8pm so PLEASE try and show up between then to help us out.

To encourage folks to come, I’ll send free download links to the album (as soon as it’s available) as well as silkscreened cards made specifically for the art show. I’ll also be giving out some free Doc Pop comics to the first 15 people who show up after 6pm. After the show, I’ll be selling all the art to help fund production expenses.

Everything is falling into place, but I could always as many folks in the gallery as possible, so please help spread the word about it. There’s even an event listing on Facebook. This could very well be the first simultaneous art show/music video shoot ever!

Saturday October 16th
Mission Comics & Art
3520 20th St. Suite B
San Francisco, CA



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7 responses to “Spider: An art show. A music video. A combination art show and music video!

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  3. headphonerecord Avatar

    how did it go?

  4. DocPop Avatar

    It went well. People showed up and I sold stuff. The video should be
    finished by November 1st. I can’t wait to see what Dave does with it. I’ll
    post more about it this week.

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