The Walken Dead

The Christopher Walken Dead

Okay, so you’ve only got a day or two left to pick out a costume for Halloween, and as much as you like the idea of “Reverse Trick Or Treating” it’s not really practical for a party situation.

So let me suggest this… Zombie Christopher Walken! You could be the Continental… or the “more cowbell” guy… or whatever, but undead. I’m telling ya, 2010 is the year to dress up as The Walken Dead.

Speaking of The Walking Dead, be sure to catch the season premiere this Sunday night on AMC. It’s a great looking show.

I've got a fever...





4 responses to “The Walken Dead

  1. Chris Allen Avatar

    HA haha – I just woke up the entire house with laughter. Brilliant

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  4. Nathan Forester Avatar
    Nathan Forester

    I wish I could be a Christopher Walken dead.

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