Weave from Doctor Popular on Vimeo.

I’ve been slow on releasing yo-yo videos lately, but I’m trying to catch back up. My last video was an expirement using 2 cameras to achieve a 3D effect, but many folks didn’t care for the constant movement. With the help of Dave Poyzer and Seth Peterson, I set out to make this new video much easier on the eyes.

The video was shot by Dave and Seth (aka SaveDeth) on their fancypants Cannon Mark 5d something something… only to get edited by me in some old version of iMovie. I steered clear of transition effects, but I did try to edit the video so that throws/regenerations sort of lined up from shot to shot. I think that gives it a fluid kind of feel.

Some of the tricks are brand new, some are very old… and some are shown twice for no reason. There are also a few Möbius tricks in there too. I hope you like ’em. Please share and enjoy.