Outlier’s “zombie dress shirt”

I finally got a chance to check out Mission Workshop, the new-ish bicycle bag and clothing shop. All the items they sell are designed for cyclists, but tend to have a very normal look to them. For instance they sell really great looking Chuck Taylor style shoes with toe clips on the soles.

One item that seemed out of place in a bike shop was a light blue button up dress shirt that was sitting next to some all weather biking jackets. The dress shirt was Outlier’s Cotton Pivot Sleeve Shirt, which was designed to be a “classic” shirt style with more flexibility than most dress shirts offer you. The shirt isn’t stretchy or anything, it’s just constructed with different panels where the shirt sleeves meet the shoulders. The end result is a great looking shirt, that doesn’t feel terribly restrictive.

I can actually lift my arms pretty high without the shirt untucking from my waistband. I like to think if I ever got turned into a zombie I’d still look pretty spiffy in this shirt since it’s stain resistant and stays tucked in even with arms fully outstretched in “zombie position”. BTW, Mission Workshop was an awesome shop with a really helpful gentleman on staff (can’t recall his name though). A little lightly stocked on the Outlier’s stuff, but lots of cool shoes and jackets there.

Zombie Shirt






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  1. […] fit, and really digging the pivot design for just plain everyday use. I’ve bought 4. Also: I blogged about this shirt a while ago and referred to it as my Zombie Shirt because of the way the shirt stays tucked in even […]

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