Pancakes in a can

Over on the Comics212 blog, Chris has posted about about a new pancake flavored beverage he found in a Japanese vending machine. The drink, Morinaga’s Pancake Drink, sounds AWESOME! From the blog post:

How does it taste you ask?
Like a delicious drink of pancakes, butter, and syrup (table, not maple). It’s pretty fantastic. Admittedly, there is no chance of something like this coming to North America, but as far as cult-followings for Japanese snack goods go, I strongly suggest you get on the pancake-drink bandwagon immediately.

I bet Pancake Drink would go great with Batter Blaster, the other pancake in a can. Cancakes!






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  1. Jephso Avatar

    Hey, long time reader from Japan here. I posted about this on my own blog ( It’s a nice milkshake, and there’s a vending machine outside my office which sells it hot for 120 yen. Let me know if you want a can sending across.

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