“Spider” music video/art show!

I’m so proud to finally post the music video for “Spider“, the first single off of my upcoming album Beeps and Smudges. Creating this video has been an interesting process… I had the idea of telling a story at an art show because I thought it would be easier than learning how to animate. Turns out creating an entire art show’s worth of paintings is not all that easy either. The art on the walls tells the story of a boy and a spider, but the music video is more about what it’s like to have an art show and nobody shows up… at least not until the very end. This was my first full art show, and quite possibly the first art show/music video shoot ever. After the shoot, we sold paintings to help cover the costs of the video’s production.

All of the music on Beeps and Smudges was created with iPhone (and iPad) apps. I like to call it “app music”. This particular song was created with Nanoloop for iPhone and SoundYeah. If you are a Nanoloop for iPhone user, you can download the .nan file for Spider here (remember, this link only works when you are using your iPhone to open it).

Spider is still available as a free download from my Bandcamp page and be sure to keep checking back to find more details about the album. Thanks to my buddy Dave Poyzer (who fly out from Iowa to film and edit this video!) and Leef at Mission Comics.


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